Chapel Vestments

The finest, custom, hand-crafted vestments and paraments by Antonetta

All of the work on this web site stemmed from a strong desire to make and preserve beautiful Catholic vestments to be used during the sacrifice of the Holy Mass for the edification of the faithful and to enhance the beauty of the Mass through the use of our senses. Reinforcing the fact that Heaven is touching earth during a Holy Mass, through the beauty of these vestments, is the reason these Catholic vestments are created.

These vestments are custom made and one of a kind. They are made specifically for the priest who wears them. Mass sets are also designed for specific churches. Vestments can be made to fit any budget. For example: A low mass set ranges anywhere from $400 to $3000 USA dollars. Cassocks, fascias, and birettas are available. The cassock requires fittings. The fittings are done at your location. (Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois)